FES Assistive Device

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Variance of Joint Angle

To further analyze for variance of the joint angle movement, a mean curve for yaw (dark blue curve) is shown in the figure below. The shaded region depicts one standard deviation of variance in the joint angle movement. This is a set of twenty trials for one of the subjects. The plot of standard variance […]

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Optimal parameters found

After completion of all testing, the optimal parameters for stimulation for three subjects were determined, and outlined in the following table. Subjects 1 and 2 had optimal amplitudes at 25 mA, while subject 3 had their optimal amplitude at 20 mA. It shows that each subject’s body type is different and how they respond to […]

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Changing Frequencies

Our next set of trials, 3 subjects performed these trials. This test we changed the frequency of stimulation by modifying the period parameter of the stimulator. Since, frequency = 1/period.   We started from a period of 27 ms (a frequency of 37.04 Hz) and decremented by 3 ms until we reached a period of 3 ms (a […]

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